Miami Winn-Dixie Slip & Fall Yields $2.4 Million Jury Verdict

For Theresa Quintana, it all started with a routine trip to the supermarket – a Miami-area Winn-Dixie store. Quintana didn’t notice the liquid laundry detergent that was spilled on the floor of the grocery store isle. She slipped and fell and wound up in years of litigation. An ambulance picked up Quintana and rushed her to the hospital as she cried about pain to her left knee. Doctors took x-rays that revealed tears of her medial meniscus and anterior cruciate ligament tear – a condition many professional athletes suffer from and must rehab for for months, if not years. Surgeons…

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Another Fatal Police Shooting in Chicago; Innocent Bystander Also Dead

It was the last thing the already embattled and much maligned Chicago Police Department needed after the indictment of one of its own, Officer Jason Van Dyke. But the day after Christmas, Chicago PD found itself answering questions regarding yet another officer-involved shooting. In the latest incident, police had shot and killed two people – one seemingly on purpose, the other by accident --- in the West Side neighborhood of West Garfield Park at 4:30 that morning. They were responding to a call about a domestic disturbance involving 19 year-old engineering student Quintonio LeGrier. His father had apparently made the…

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Hung Jury in First Freddie Gray Criminal Trial

Stating he is entering “uncharted territory”, Judge Barry G. Williams -- the judge hearing the Freddie Gray murder trial -- ordered Baltimore Police Officer William Porter to testify against his colleague, Officer Caesar Goodson, in Goodson’s trial that’s set to begin Monday. Judge Williams’ comment reflects the fact he granted Officer Porter a type of immunity that precludes the use of his testimony against him when he faces his own trial for involuntary manslaughter, second degree assault, and other charges which is scheduled for some time in June. Porter and Goodson are among 6 Baltimore City police officers who were…

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Cardiac ICD Product Liability Claims Dismissed as Preempted

A legally complex and incredibly compelling case out of the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Florida raises some very important issues for certain folks in the Sunshine State. The case involves cardiac defibrillator lead implants manufactured by California-based Pacesetter, Inc. and Minnesota-based St. Jude Medical, Inc. The defibrillator lead implants -- in this case, the model 1582 Riata lead -- connect an implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD) to the heart in order to monitor heart rhythms. These ICDs detect life-threatening or irregular heartbeats. In the case of an irregular heartbeat, the ICD delivers an electrical shock to return…

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Swimming Pool Product Liability Claim Barred by 12 Year Time Limit

Products liability cases often implicate what is known as the statute of repose. A statute of repose is sort of like a statute of limitations. In products liability cases, the statute of repose works a bit differently than a normal statute of limitations. In normal cases, the statute of limitations is the amount of time you have after an accident or injury to file a lawsuit. But in product liability cases, there is a statute of repose. In those cases, the time to file a lawsuit starts running from the day the product was acquired or installed. To make things…

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