Pollard PLLC Hiring First Amendment Fellow

Statement by Jonathan Pollard regarding the Firm’s new Fellowship:

I am a staunch supporter of the First Amendment. First, I believe that the answer to bad or harmful speech is almost always more speech. Second, as pertains to law and the justice system, I believe that the public has a right to know.

This second point merits further explanation: I believe that our justice system is riddled with problems. There are corrupt actors in every capacity (lawyers, litigants, judges). There are many lawyers who have made entire careers out of lying, cheating, and violating the applicable rules and faced no consequences for their actions. There are thousands of corrupt corporations and individuals who engage in every imaginable form of misconduct. In their view, money gives them license to engage in such misconduct. A sad reality of the system is that the party with the most money usually wins. And there are corrupt judges. Yes, there are many judges throughout this country who engage in blatant acts of bias, favoritism, judicial activism or just outright carelessness.

Considering all of the foregoing, it is absolutely imperative that the public know what is going on in the court system.  The public – and particularly the media – must police the court system to ensure the fair and impartial administration of justice. Likewise, the public has a right to know about misconduct by large corporations.

Over the past few years, I have done my best to shine a light on the litigation process. I have tried to give the public an opportunity to see what really goes on in the court system. Not surprisingly, many of my opponents do not like this. It has become standard practice for my adversaries to complain to the courts about my blog posts. In one recent instance, opposing counsel ran into court seeking a gag order and exclaimed, “Your honor, Mr. Pollard is writing blog posts about this case and attacking the Court!” Naturally, that was a lie. The Court was unimpressed by that lawyer crying wolf. In other instances, I have sought to have state court proceedings videotaped. That has drawn furious objections from opposing counsel and been denied by judges who probably fear me broadcasting the proceedings live online (which I would). In one instance, a big, corrupt company succeeded in getting a gag order and sealing the entire case record from the public. When the judge realized the scope of the order she’d signed, she promptly vacated it– the entire thing.

Consistent with the foregoing, I intend to aggressively advocate for the public’s right to know. Likewise, I intend to aggressively advocate for everyone’s right to free speech, even if that speech might be unpopular.

To that end. I am pleased to announce the launch of the Pollard PLLC First Amendment Fellowship. The Fellowship is open to recent law school graduates, defined as class of 2013 to the present. The selected candidate will have three responsibilities: (1) Assisting the firm in litigating First Amendment cases. (2) Writing legal scholarship on important First Amendment issues of today. (3) Serving as the Firm’s dedicated, in-house First Amendment counsel. The Fellow will have absolutely no billable hour requirements or billable expectations.  Preference will be given to candidates barred in FL or PA but any bar admission is acceptable. The candidate will be expected to regularly work out of a Firm office in either Fort Lauderdale, FL or Gettysburg, PA. For exceptional candidates, the Firm will pay to relocate the candidate to their chosen office location. The Fellowship will be guaranteed for two years and will pay $50,000 per year. If the selected Fellow is not covered by a law school low-income loan repayment plan, the Firm will pay up to $1,000 per month in debt service on the Fellow’s law school student loans. The Firm will also provide fully paid for health insurance. Start date 9/1/18.  Top academic credentials only. Email inquiries welcome to my firm email address (it’s out there).

– JP

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