Non-Compete Litigation Lawyer

We represent executives, directors, managers, doctors and business owners in non-compete cases and disputes throughout the State of Florida.  Our attorneys have experience with non-compete cases in numerous industries, including healthcare, medical equipment, finance, software, media, and advertising.  Often, we are able to resolve non-compete disputes before litigation ensues. In the event of litigation, our attorneys have experience defending against temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.  Additionally, we have experience with appeals in state and federal courts.

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Trade Secret Litigation Lawyer

We represent clients in all Florida state and federal courts in complex business disputes involving theft of trade secrets. Our attorneys have represented a broad range of clients accused of misappropriation of trade secrets, including prominent physicians who are switching practices and accused of misappropriating patient information, sales executives accused of misappropriating customer lists, software developers accused of misappropriating code and system architecture and construction companies accused of misappropriating confidential bidding formulas.

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Trademark Litigation Lawyer

We represent clients in all of Florida’s federal courts in cases involving violations of the Lanham (Trademark) Act.  Our lawyers both prosecute and defend a wide range of claims under the Lanham Act including trademark infringement, trademark dilution, false advertising and cybersquatting.  The broad language of the Lanham Act prohibits a range of deceptive or unfair trade practices and gives aggrieved parties numerous possible remedies including preliminary and permanent injunctive relief, trebble damages, punitive damages and attorney’s fees.

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