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Meet Jonathan Pollard

Jonathan Pollard is a trial lawyer and commercial litigator based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida who focuses his practice on competition law. Jonathan has extensive experience litigating both sides of complex non-compete and trade secret matters.  He has represented clients in more than 300 disputes involving non-compete, non-solicitation and non-circumvention issues.  Pollard routinely  resolves complex competition matters through any means necessary: negotiation, litigation, trial, and appeal.  He has won appeals in both the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit and the Florida District Courts of Appeal.  He has been honored by Super Lawyers.  He is regraded as a subject matter expert and has been quoted in national media on competition issues.

Eleventh Circuit: Delay of 5 Months Means No Irreparable Harm

In Florida, state and even some federal courts hand out injunctions like candy.  But the law is not supposed to…

Coke Still Fighting to Trademark "Zero"

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Object to Jury Instructions. No, Seriously. OBJECT!

Lawyers have a tendency to be contentious jerks who love objecting to everything.  Take your average lawyer and he or…

Signing a Non-Disclosure Agreement? Prepare for Trade Secret Litigation

Any time you sign a non-disclosure agreement, prepare to wind up in trade secret litigation.  Let me explain:  I focus…

Pollard Featured on PBS News Hour

Non-Compete Litigation Lawyer

We represent executives, directors, managers, doctors and business owners in non-compete cases and disputes throughout the State of Florida.

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Trade Secret Litigation Lawyer

We represent clients in all Florida state and federal courts in complex business disputes involving theft of trade secrets.Our attorneys have represented

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Unfair Competition Lawyer

We represent clients in all of Florida’s federal courts in cases involving unfair competition.  Our lawyers both prosecute and defend a wide range of

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